In total, the port moves 132.3 million tonnes of cargo each year - that's roughly 1/3 of the mass of all living human beings Jeongwang-dong is an industrial sector in the city of Ansan, South Korea.The Korean government intensively drove a plan to develop the modern city, particularly in this area, with an emphasis on manufacturing.Benjamin Grant's new book, 'Overview: A New Perspective', is a collection of photographs that aims to give readers a glimpse of what the world looks like from above.The Arlit Uranium Mine (pictured) is located in Arlit, Niger.

Typically, once waste materials are pumped into a tailings pond, they are mixed with water to create slurry The sharp upward revision in official figures means that China has been burning an additional 600 million tonnes of coal each year, and has released much more carbon dioxide – almost a billion more tonnes per year – than previously estimated.

In 2015, new data revealed the country has been burning up to 17 per cent more coal each year than previously disclosed The Port of Hamburg - known as Germany's 'Gateway to the World' - is located on the Elbe River in Hamburg.

On an average day, the facility is accessed by 28 ships, 200 freight trains, and 5,000 trucks.

Active for 44 years, the mine had an output of 10 million carats of diamond per year during peak production in the 1960s Center pivot irrigation is used throughout the Wadi As-Sirhan Basin of Saudi Arabia.

Water is mined from depths as great as one kilometer (~3,000 ft), pumped to the surface, and evenly distributed by lines of sprinklers that rotate 360 degrees around a central motor Waste ponds are seen at the Neves-Corvo Mine in the Castro Verde Municipality in Portugal.


The striking blue colour that you see here results from the use of aluminum roofing, which is used for its low cost and longevity Evaporation ponds are visible at the potash mine in Moab, Utah.

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