Dating a metrosexual man Free no credit cards and no registration live sex chat sites

Dating a metrosexual man

And he believes it has heralded a shift towards a new sense of male autonomy and empowerment, “Men are not only more sensual creatures nowadays," he says, "but also more independent.

For some women, perhaps with more traditional ideas about sex roles, the fact that grown men are able to clean and feed themselves without a surrogate mum is very alarming indeed.” Hmm.

Vanity for vanity’s sake isn't as sexy as it looks. Women have been telling them for years to smarten themselves up, and when they finally do we accuse them of preening.

No doubt many men are tired of women like me who lust over buffed boys, but complain if they take longer than five minutes to get dressed for dinner.

The "selfie" generation is no stranger to the notion of narcissism as a survival strategy, yet Simpson's metro man rallies against the traditionalists; including another Telegraph writer who described metrosexuality to me as “gratuitously fey.

What the hell is wrong with a decent suit and a smart haircut? I can't help but wonder if my metrosexual date's position of choice will be based on the angle at which he can check himself out in the wardrobe mirror.

But for many men, their furry face furniture is a year-round must-have accessory.

While previously the preserve of truckers, woodsmen, and the homeless, beards and moustaches are now firmly part of the manly make-up that metrosexuals use to make themselves adorable, and to adore themselves.

“I think most men have noticed this, er, discrepancy,” Simpson reasons. Indeed, women are constantly reminded that our eyelashes are never quite long enough, our legs aren't smooth enough, our hair is not sleek enough.

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“What women say they think about metrosexuality and how they respond to it can be two very different things. It's hardly surprising that advertising that there's a male market to be milked too. However, Simpson believes the metro movement is driven by men themselves, not marketing.

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