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Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.

For these newer models you won’t find the “familiar” 7.x firmware versions with the file set (“OS79XX.

TXT”, “POS3-07-04-00” etc.) described in many online walk-throughs.

I've asked plenty of questions with people taking the time to contribute something.

Here's how I got my Cisco 7945 provisioned with the Quadro 2x.

I believe it applies to the 7941, 7961, 7965, 79 models as well.

- Placeholder for TNP Sidetone/Send Gain Audio Server Change - 796x/4x phones not passing correct Device IDs to switch port via CDP - 'BACK' is not displayed in English when locale switched to English - 79XX phones do not display Caller ID if Remote-Party-ID has FQDN - phone load issue on 7945 with new hardware - 3rd Gen phone have issues returning info from URL like CGI/Settings Info - Out of bound RTP port (32768) is chosen by 7970 and causes one way audio - Https results in XML parsing error in 7961/62 - EAP-TLS on phone fails leading to phone freeze with Load 9-3-1SR2 - 7911 - Intermittently some SCCP phones automatically mute calls - SIP TNP Phones generate coredump due to memory leak at JNI layer - Interrupted g729 audio stream results in a hiss/artifact in audio - Phone reboots after the call is connected.- SIP phones have a max to and from tag of 64 characters - em pin change displayed in plain text in phone console logs - 7945/7965 EHook headset beeping when line set to flash only - 7941/61s send malformed SCCP message to CUCM causing them to be reset - EAP-TLS on phone fails leading to phone freeze with Load 9-3-1SR2 - 3 to 11 second time delay on IP Phones - Group picture display is missing on 7900 phones - Preventing users from Changing background image on TNP phones - Arabic UAE locale language: Corporate directory search reloads phones - 79XX phones autodial number from directory when going offhook - debug executable left on the TNP phone - 7962 reassembles incorrectly EAP-TLS certificate = 802.1x auth fail - 7931 Peer Firmware Sharing always disabled - The default background image for TNP should be changed from CUCM - TNP phone should support default audio path - Secure SIP 7942/7962 Phones Unregister when BLF with Call List Enabled Cisco 7941G IP Phone Firmware Cisco 7941G Phone SCCP Firmware Cisco 7941G Phone Firmware Cisco 7941G SCCP Firmware IP Phone Cisco It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.To load the firmware, I’d recommend first doing a hard-reset of your phone. Place the firmware files in your TFTP root, and let your DHCP server tell the phone where to find the TFTP server.Power on the phone while pressing “#”, then let go when you line buttons start flashing. The phone will ask for file a file, ignore that, it is used for certificates or something. This file tells the phone what firmware it should load, and should contain the following (substitute your phone model and SIP firmware version): To create a custom background, create a folder called Desktops/320x212x16 in your TFTP root (MUST be that name, based on resolution and color depth of your screen, depending on your phone model…Google is your friend).These newer models start with version 8.x with a different bootloader and file set: This is based on the 8.3(2)SR1 firmware version.

error updating locale 7941-82error updating locale 7941-69error updating locale 7941-73

The “45” is related to the phone model, so for the 7970 it would be term70.default.loads, etc.

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