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Today, a substantial part of the rock abounds with trees and bushes, and turns yellow with alyssum flowers every spring.

Vyšehrad, veiled in a haze of ancient historic events, about which nothing has apparently ever been written, evokes mystery which can be sensed here at every step.

This feeling of mystery emanates from the Julius Mařák painting, and it can be heard in the harp tones of the symphonic poem Vyšehrad by Bedřich Smetana, as well as in the verses of the poets Karel Jaromír Erben and Julius Zeyer.

According to myths and legends, Vyšehrad was the residence of the judge Krok, Princess Libuše, Přemysl - the founder of the first ruling dynasty in Bohemia - and his successors. Archeological finds pertaining to the historic period date back surprisingly only to the 10th century.

If Vyšehrad had not been the walled-in settlement of a Bohemian tribe - or of the Přemysl clan - from the beginning, it unquestionably was by 992 at the latest.

The foundation of a Slavic walled-in settlement on the Vyšehrad rock is probably associated with the gradual decay of hill settlements in the Prague basin and its surroundings, places like Šárka, Butovice, and Zámka.

The walled-in settlement on the rock, originally perhaps called Chrasten and formed approximately in the first half of the 10th century, was obviously initially of a military character but it is not known who founded it.

No other locality in Prague, or even in the Czech Republic, is the subject of so many legends as Vyšehrad.

It towers on a rock, as if growing from the right bank of the Vltava River.

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