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Penguin dating website

At least 100 years ago, Club Penguin was invented by Sage Freehaven in an attempt to infest the minds of America's and Canada's youth and promote furfaggotry in public schools.In a matter of days, children were discussing the game on their favorite internet forums.Other than that, there isn't much to do, besides pretending to eat pizza in virtual pizzerias.Psh, and they say kids these days don't know how to have fun or anything and are complete fat slobs.

A wanna-be Internet vigilante group named #iamthewalrus aggravate the hell out of Club Penguin fansites run by 13 year old boys.Being Anonymous-emulating faggots, they try to carry out "/i/nsurgency-esque raids" by DDo Sing shitty forums, trolling kids' flash chats, and posting dox on pre-teens.Club Penguin is similar to Habbo, but intended for young and old penguin enthusiasts.Operating as a secret Nazi furry training facility, it will lure your children in with cute cartoon avatars, before turning them onto the pleasures of yiffing.If You ever see your kid playing this game of retard furry men in penguin costumes, you should probably find the nearest camera to record your an-hero.

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