Redneck rules for dating

E.g."Magnus' set at the club was rinsed out last night" [Orig W.

See Begbie, a fictional character in the book, and film, Trainspotting, written by Irvine Welsh. E.g."I got a speeding ticket yesterday when I was stopped for ragging my beaten up old Fiat at 120." Noun. A dance music style originating from black street culture and having lyrics spoken to a complimentary beat and music.

[Scottish/Cumbria/North-east use] Noun An unscrupulous, devious person. Of vehicles or machinery, to push to the limits of use, to abuse.

You should try buying clothes from the market." Noun.

Sexual intercourse between at least two males and a female, although it could in theory involve all males, in what may have traditionally being called an orgy.

E.g."She's been ragging me about my stupid mistake all day." 2.

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From the rhyming slang raspberry tart meaning 'fart'. The style of music epitomised by 'rave' (noun 1) which encompasses 'house', 'techno' and other hybrids of these genres. To party in the manner by which 'raves' became known.

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