Script for validating online forms

Script for validating online forms

As long as elem.value.length isn't 0 then it's not empty and we return true, otherwise we send an alert to the user with a helper Msg to inform them of their error and return false.

Remember to check out Tizag's HTML forms lesson if you need to brush up on your form knowledge.

You want to be sure that your visitors enter data into the HTML fields you have "required" for a valid submission.

Below is the Java Script code to perform this basic check to see if a given HTML input is empty or not.

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Javascript Forum There's nothing more troublesome than receiving orders, guestbook entries, or other form submitted data that are incomplete in some way.

Java Scriptstrings have built in properties, one of which is the length property which returns the length of the string.

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The chunk of code elem.value will grab the string inside the input and by adding on length elem.value.length we can see how long the string is.

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